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As passionate citrus growers with more than 20 years of experience in the Florida Citrus Industry, we have lived and understand the devastating effects of HLB.  As we face population growth and international trade expansion, we must modify our citrus growing practices in order to protect our groves from existing and upcoming diseases.  This is the most challenging, expensive and unproductive time our industry has seen.  Our current production practices are not sustainable, as our costs keep increasing while our yields and quality decrease.  Precision Citrus' CUPS Systems yield a consistent supply of the highest quality of fruit while protecting our natural resources and providing job sustainability in our agricultural communities.

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EIP Citrus Management, LLC

Our consulting and operation management services are provided by EIP Citrus Management, LLC, which is curretly developing 50 acres of Precision Citrus' CUPS Systems in Lake Wales, Florida.

ULMA Logo Our structures are manufactured by ULMA Agricola, a European company specialized in designing and building systems for the agricultural sector worldwide. Since 1979 it manufactures its own materials for structural construction using fully robotized processes and currently operates in over 50 countries.
Our production will be handled by Dundee Citrus Growers Association, one of the largest fresh fruit cooperatives with the most technologically advanced packinghouses in Florida.  Dundee C.G.A.'s vision and dedication to the citrus industry have been instrumental in the development of our CUPS Systems as a long-term viable solution for their growers. Oranges